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Dear All,

It is with great pleasure that I announce the third season  of Epi Skinis Toronto Theatre Company!

Epi Skinis Toronto’s initiative aims for the promotion of contemporary Greek arts and the enhancement of Greek culture within Toronto. Theatre throughout the ages has been a catalyst for education, culture, and social awareness. It is with this power of theatre that we enforce a connection to Greek language and tradition here in Canada.

As you may know, theatrical productions can be quite demanding. In order to execute a quality show that will entertain the audience, we are asking for your financial support. There are a few ways you can show your support. Please refer to the advertisement guide below for details.

We hope you will take this opportunity to show your commitment to the enhancement of Greek arts and culture.

Maria Kordoni

Sponsorship Packages

½ page advertisement in the programme of one of the plays and 2 tickets $300
1 page advertisement in the programme of one of the plays and 4 tickets $600
Advertisement on reverse side of play ticket and 4 tickets $600
1 page ad on the reverse side of the programme and 6 tickets $1000
Grand Sponsor, Product placement in the theatre or play, double page spread in the program, logo on reverse side of play ticket, and 8 complimentary tickets $1500

All packages include:
-Promotion on Epi Skinis Toronto Facebook Page
-Recognition on the website (in the page related to the event)
-Public acknowledgment of your support after the show

*Epi Skinis will issue tax receipts to its sponsors. Please note that Epi Skinis is not a charitable organization.


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